What is a PEO?

Professional Employer Organization | C2 Essentials has served and protected the rights and interests of hundreds of employers for nearly two decades. We achieve this by providing a full range of critical services – from organizational development and change management consulting, to recruiting, payroll, employee relations, benefits and regulatory compliance. Our proven approach is both seamless and transparent.

How does the PEO arrangement work?

When businesses contract with C2 for PEO services, a co-employment relationship is created in which C2 assumes and shares certain employer responsibilities and liabilities. This comprehensive, full-service approach shields our clients from a labyrinth of risks, liabilities, and operational hazards.

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C2 assumes primary liability for many of its client’s management responsibilities, including human resource management, human resource compliance, recruiting, payroll, and tax and benefit administration. We simultaneously maintain an effective employment relationship with our clients’ worksite employees, while providing comprehensive human resource services and employee benefits packages. Meanwhile, our clients retain full authority to direct the activities of each employee, remaining committed to the success and growth of their core business mission. Regulatory and employer-related requirements imposed upon businesses have become both more frequent and complex. By entering into a co-employment relationship with C2, you gain a market-leader in HR compliance that will steer your operations towards full compliance.

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What is Co-Employment?

By entering into a co-employment relationship with C2, you continue to manage, control and supervise the performance objectives of each employee, as well as retain the complete authority to hire, terminate, and manage their day-to-day activities. C2 proudly assumes the majority of HR management responsibilities, and is supported by experienced teams of seasoned HR professionals who maintain backgrounds in employee relations, benefits, risk management, regulatory compliance, and related areas.

C2 assembles a team of experts skilled in different areas of HR who effectively manage:

  • HR Administration
  • Employee Relations
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Government
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance

We work behind the scenes to deliver exceptional services, effectively answer your questions, and ultimately solve crucial problems.

What is an ASO?

C2 Platinum Inc.’s  Administrative Services Organization (ASO) offers a transformative product that delivers company-wide HR support to businesses both large and small. Our ASO assumes three or more pivotal HR processes on behalf of clients, such as regulatory compliance, payroll, and benefits administration to ensure effective HR operational support. Our ASO products allow clients to eliminate certain transactional, repetitive, and other critically important HR tasks. We provide our client companies with access to new technologies they cannot individually afford themselves, such as a state-of-the-art employee self-service portal, proven to improve administration. Our ASO offerings translate into improved cost transparency and business efficiencies throughout your company.

Although our customers may select services identical to those offered by our PEO model, ASO customers retain a level of control over their existing HR administration. Through our commitment to innovative and customized solutions, we strengthen and augment your HR processes and procedures.

Unlike other HR outsourcing firms, we do not believe that a one-size-fits-all approach provides the customized solutions that our clients require. By offering a variety of optimal products and services, we design a solution that exceeds your business needs and objective.

Our customized solutions allow our clients the freedom to focus their energies on their essential business mission.

We offer comprehensive solutions, including:

Why Outsourcing Works

It is only natural to outsource tasks that overwhelmingly burden your business. Sound business judgment requires competitive businesses to outsource those functions that are not revenue producing, and that detract from essential business objectives.

Our clients outsource their Human Resources administration and management needs to C2 because they understand that our proven expertise in employee relations, payroll and taxes, health benefits administration, 401(k) administration, workplace safety and regulatory compliance, allows them to confidently remain committed to their core business mission. Effectively managing a dynamic workforce is both challenging and risky.

C2 helps you select the HR strategies that are best suited to your operational needs, and then effectively implements a customized HR solution to achieve your organizational goals. For nearly two decades, we have successfully served the needs of hundreds of businesses who experienced the benefits – both financial and administrative – of our products and services.

Outsourcing Can Control Labor Costs

Labor cost unpredictability can be a business owner’s biggest and most intractable challenge. With a few exceptions, such as FICA and FUTA, most of the elements of a company’s labor costs, benefits, workers’ compensation, compliance costs, and liability exposure are highly volatile and can adversely impact a company’s profit margins, as well as its ability to conduct accurate financial forecasting. C2 can help stabilize your labor costs and tame downstream cost volatility. The results: your margins are better protected and your financial forecasts are more accurate. C2 helps you achieve such success by providing: shared liability, proactive risk management, and expert regulatory compliance.

Five Reasons to Outsource HR to C2:

  • Simplify your operations and refocus on your core business

    If you’re like most employers, the chances are, much – if not most – of your time is spent dealing with the actual business of running your business. Too much time and attention is spent dealing with personnel and employment management issues, and not on the things that will grow your business by bringing new sales and customers. C2 allows you to leverage your strengths and refocus on your product and delivery model. After all, no one ever went into business just to deal with the red tape and regulations of being an employer.

  • Let us guide you out of the liability minefield

    We work in a very litigious society, where employee lawsuits – legitimate or otherwise — are too often considered just another cost of doing business. At the same time, cumbersome, constantly changing federal, state and local regulations leave you scrambling to avoid costly compliance issues. Working with some of the nation’s most respected employment law firms, C2 can dramatically reduce your exposure to liability, and guide you to full compliance with all applicable regulations.


  • The solution to rising employment and employee benefits costs

    We don’t need to tell you that the cost of keeping your workforce working is going up every year. From recruitment costs and constantly rising employee benefits plans, to the ever-increasing cost of workplace safety, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to reign in your cost and maintain a comfortable profit margin. With our proven expertise in Benefits Plan design and administration, Recruitment, Payroll and Tax Administration, and Employee Relations Services, C2 can help you keep the cost of employing your people down – and help keep you on the path to profitability.

  • A proven path to better productivity

    These days, it’s not enough to talk about increasing productivity. Your investors demand a practical growth strategy, and a constant, steady improvement in your company’s performance. Yet chances are, a simple look at recent performance figures can demonstrate the challenge of hitting your numbers and meeting your team’s goals and objectives. C2’s comprehensive model for delivering HR services to your business is designed to help you increase productivity by hiring, managing and maintaining a consistent, winning team.

  • Leave Human Resources to the professionals

    Most Fortune 500 companies have the financial strength and resources to hire a top-notch, experienced Human Resources staff, and provide a full spectrum of top-quality employee benefits plans. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the resources or expertise necessary to build a professional in-house HR department, or provide the benefits that will attract and retain quality employees. Partnering with C2 for your human resources services gives you a dedicated team at your fingertips, providing all the services you would expect from a Fortune 500 company.

Grow Your Future with a Knowledgeable Partner

C2’s professionals stay abreast of changes in work-related laws and regulations and work with you to make sure you stay compliant. You can rely on C2 to help with Government Reporting and Agency Interface, Unemployment Claims,  Management and Wage Claims, and Audits.

Providing the HR Solutions that Fit your Business

Supporting Federal Contractors in an IDIQ World

Reduction of your G&A, Fringe, and Overhead

Subject Matter Expertise in the Service Contract Act

Customized HR Solutions to Fit Every Client and Every Contract

HR services both CONUS and OCONUS

World Class Benefit Solutions to Fit your Enterprise

Experienced Recruiters that Secure the Right Candidate for the Right Role

Uncompromising Excellence in HR Training, Counseling, and Support

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John Z. Dillon II

Executive Vice President


Mr. Dillon leads C2’s Business Development and Sales. Mr. Dillon works with our clients to help them develop optimal workforce strategies and solutions, with one simple goal in mind – improve operational execution. Mr. Dillon came to C2 after serving more than 30 years as an US Army intelligence officer and as a Vice President of Operations at a large Government contractor. He is an operations executive with a history of developing, building and sustaining business teams and strategic partnerships and growing business. Mr. Dillon possesses an innate ability to transfer long-term corporate vision into operational plans and successful, revenue producing business opportunities.

Mr. Dillon earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Radford University and his MBA from Touro University. He is also a graduate of the US Army War College (Senior Service College Fellow at the CIA). He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

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Kevin McCoy

General Counsel


Mr. McCoy serves as C2’s General Counsel, managing the overall legal needs of the company. Mr. McCoy also works closely with the company’s HR teams who provide strategic advice to clients on a myriad of human resources related matters. Mr. McCoy came to C2 as an experienced labor and employment attorney, having served as a Partner in two different D.C. area law firms that specialize exclusively in management-side labor and employment law. Mr. McCoy likes to problem solve, and enjoys helping his clients work through the legal challenges of operating a large multi-jurisdictional HR outsourcing company.

After graduating with a degree in Philosophy from Emory & Henry College in Southern Virginia, Mr. McCoy earned his law degree from Valparaiso University School of Law. Mr. McCoy began his legal career as a judicial law clerk to judges on two different intermediate courts of appeal before settling in the D.C. region.


Gertie Fields

Director of Payroll & Administration


Ms. Fields manages C2’s Payroll Services team, charged with ensuring that all client payroll processing is timely and accurate. She is responsible for all aspects of client payroll accounting and financial reporting functions, including preparation of payroll audits. She manages the processing of multi-state payrolls, new hire reporting, and transmission of ACH files, and ensures that payrolls are accurate and fully compliant.

More importantly, Ms. Fields and her team pride themselves on proactively identifying potential payroll issues for clients before they become a problem. She has been with C2 since 1998, and has directed all aspects of Payroll Services. She holds a bachelors’ degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Acquisition and Contract Management.


Sharon Liotta

Chief Financial Officer


Ms. Liotta brought her 20-years of accounting management experience to C2 when she joined the company in 2000. As CFO, she directs and oversees all financial activities of the corporation including preparation of financial reports as well as summaries and forecasts for future business growth and general economic outlook. She is responsible for business and financial strategy and planning, monitoring, and management and reporting, including management and development of policies, systems, processes and personnel involved. Ms. Liotta directs the accounting staff to ensure that exceptional internal auditing and financial controls are maintained.

Ms. Liotta earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from George Mason University with undergraduate studies at Clemson University.


Jackie Asencio

President & CEO 


Ms. Asencio is President and CEO of C2 Essentials, Inc., one of the region’s leading human capital management service providers. With more than 30 years’ experience, Ms. Asencio has been a major influence in helping small to mid-size government contractors grow and compete in the federal marketplace. C2 Essentials has successfully provided clients with a competitive edge through cost-effective HR outsourcing. Ms. Asencio recognizes that federal contractors are increasingly forced to reduce their costs due to pricing pressure. C2 Essentials becomes a strategic partner to its clients to help reduce their overhead and fringe dollars, while providing a robust HR expertise that enables clients to achieve HR compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. HR outsourcing solutions are focused on the client’s mission, both CONUS and OCONUS.

As a seasoned trainer and coach, Ms. Asencio works closely with business owners ensuring their human capital management strategies are aligned to their business goals. Ms. Asencio has extensive experience in full life cycle recruiting, talent management, succession planning, career development, reward and recognition strategies, performance management, regulatory compliance, compensation, benefits, risk management, and outplacement services. Prior to founding C2 Essentials, Ms. Asencio provided human capital management support to Department of Defense and various civilian agencies.

Ms. Asencio believes in giving back to the community, her philanthropic activities have included supporting Operation Homefront, Wounded Warriors, Boulder Crest Retreat, The National Veterans Institute for Procurement, and local families in need. Ms. Asencio has received the Sister Eymard Gallagher Award for Corporate Social Responsibility and was a finalist for The Dr. J.P. London Award for Promoting Ethical Behavior for the Human Resources Leadership Awards (HRLA) of Greater Washington.


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