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Employment-Related Taxes Differ Among the States

If you own a company and have employees that travel, live, and work in different states, have you ever wondered about their state employment-related taxes? For example, if you own a company in Virginia but two of your employees live in Florida, how will they be taxed?...

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Payroll Adjustments in a Leap Year

February typically has twenty-eight (28) days. However, in a Leap Year—such as 2020—February sprouts a 29th day. That extra day can be a logistical headache for employers, because it can trigger an extra pay period for employees.   Whether your company is...

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The Pros and Cons of 1099 Independent Contractors

If you need to hire some extra workers, adding a person who must be classified as an “employee” brings with it a set of obligations under state and federal labor and tax laws.  You generally must withhold from wages federal and state income tax, the employee’s share...

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Understanding Common OSHA Penalties

Some companies are all too familiar with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) and the corresponding state safety agencies because they operate in industries where workplace safety issues are a key concern (e.g., construction,...

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The New IRS Form W-4

2020 has already brought  many changes to the HR landscape, one of them being an updated IRS Form W-4.  All newly hired employee must complete a Form W-4, which notifies the employer of how many withholding allowances to use when deducting federal income taxes from...

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New Maryland Law Restricts Use of Non-Competes

C2’s federal contracting clients often have employees working on contracts all around the country. One issue that frequently arises is how can clients effectively administer post-employment restrictive covenants (e.g., non-compete and non-solicitation...

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DOL Publishes Long-Awaited Final Overtime Rule

On September 24, 2019, a C2 government contracting client e-mailed to ask if we had heard any update on when the Department of Labor (“DOL”) might publish its new overtime rule. For those of you who have followed this topic, you know that an update to the...

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Promoting Growth Mindset

As a company grows and evolves, it becomes necessary to create new positions. One dilemma many business owners face is whether to promote someone from within the company or hire an external applicant. Ultimately, the biggest factor in making that choice...

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Adjusting to Bans on Salary History Inquiries

One of C2’s government contracting clients recently asked us to review their employment application and offer suggestions on whether it needed updating.  One of the application questions requested that the applicant list his or her compensation at their...

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