C2 Essentials sponsoring SECAF 7th Annual Government Contractor Awards Gala at the Mclean Hilton.

Executive Briefing: Small Business Opportunities in Federal Health Initiatives!

Federal Health Initiatives span a wide range of topics across nearly 20 Federal Agencies. Small and mid-sized companies are equipped with the innovative services and products that can help these agencies succeed.

Come to engage with leaders from federal agencies as they talk about challenges they face in advancing their Federal Health Initiatives.  SECAF’s goal in our Executive Briefings is to generate an open, off the record, dialogue that gives small and mid-sized businesses insight to the program-related challenges the government faces and to areas still needing innovation – and to provide outside perspective and contacts to government leaders.


Date(s): May 7, 2015
Time: 6:00PM EST- 9:00 PM EST
7920 JOnes Branch Drive, McLean VA 22102