Benefits Management (ASO)

When your company is able to provide employees quality health benefits, you are on the inside track to recruiting and retaining success. The challenge is not only finding benefits that are both robust and affordable, but also handling the associated administration of such benefits. Our approach enables your business to benefit from:

  • Plan design flexibility

    Giving you the ability to customize your company’s program options and funding levels so you can offer an employee benefits program that actively reflects the needs of your employees.
  • Ongoing, turnkey administration

    Including all vendor billing, reconciliation and settlement.
  • Convenient annual enrollment services

    coordinating all advance print and online enrollment communications on your behalf, offering live assistance via your dedicated HR Team, and giving your workforce the ability to select their employee benefits and enroll via C2 Platinum’s HR Portal, quickly and easily.

    Our comprehensive services include:
    • Administration of client-sponsored health plan
    • COBRA
    • State Continuation Administration
    • Health and Dependent Care
    • Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Retirement Services/401(k)
    • Benefit Insurance Advice and Procurement Services
    • Pre-tax Transit Program
    • Credit Union
    • 529 College Savings Plan
    • Voluntary Benefits, Discounts and Services

Business Services (ASO)

C2 is comprised of seasoned HR professionals who partner with you to understand your business, and then utilize their expertise to create value, increase efficiencies, leverage existing resources, enhance your operations, and enable your business to meet its strategic objectives:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Online Performance Management
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Compensation and Incentive Plans
  • Employee Communications
  • Recognition and Reward Programs
  • Strategic HR Consulting
  • Strategic Alliances

Employer Liability Management (ASO)

Helping businesses effectively manage their workforce is our governing strength. Our expertise allows businesses to grow confidently knowing that the critical challenges of managing their workforce are in the hands of our proven leadership.

C2 partners with your business to help you achieve the very best results for your company and employees–every time. Outsourcing these core functions not only frees time and resources, it also reduces the risk of costly claims and litigation that threaten what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. During this period of increased employment litigation, it is crucial to carefully manage employees throughout their entire life cycle – from recruitment through termination and retirement – to protect your company’s future.

Our comprehensive services include:
  • Employee Relations
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Termination Assistance
  • Employee Handbook
  • Developing HR Policies and Procedures
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks
  • Salary Planning and Administration
  • Offer Letter Review
  • New Hire Orientation

Federal Contractor Services (ASO)

Regulations have increased so dramatically over the years that the burden and cost to employers, particularly for small- and mid-size federal contractors, is overwhelming. The Small Business Administration estimates the average annual cost of regulation, paperwork and compliance for organizations with fewer than 500 employees is $5,000 per employee. This sets the stage for significant HR challenges in our increasingly litigious society – the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports a 24 percent increase in complaint filings over the past 10 years. Even the best run companies are vulnerable to employment-related lawsuits and the damage awards that can result; C2 Platinum dedicates a team of highly trained human resources professionals to serve you, and has teamed up with some of the nation’s leading employment and federal contracting legal specialists. As part of our federal contracting suite of services, C2 provides guidance as it relates to applicable federal, state and local laws, as well as regulations governing the employment relationship. Examples include the Affirmative Action Plan (AAP), the Service Contract Act (SCA), Defense Base Act (DBA), EEO-1 Reports, VETS-4212, Ethics Training and many others.

Our comprehensive services include:
  • Regulatory Compliance Guidance
  • Annual Affirmative Action Plan
  • Service Contract Act Administration (SCA)
  • Annual EEO-1 Report
  • VETS 4212 Report
  • Drug-Free Workplace Act
  • Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act
  • Rehabilitation Act (1973)
  • E-Verify
  • Davis-Bacon Act
  • Walsh-Healy PCA
  • Compliance Training

Federal And State Government Regulations (ASO)

There are a broad and ever-changing array of statutory and regulatory employment requirements at both the Federal and state levels. Employers don’t usually have the time or expertise to ensure compliance. C2 Platinum assumes much of your compliance burden so that you can remain focused on your core mission.

Our Experienced Compliance Service Professionals Assist With:
  • Employment Records Management
  • Unemployment Claims Management
  • Claims & Audits with Federal and State civil rights agencies
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)
  • Code of Business Ethics and Conduct
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA)
  • Drug Free Workplace Act
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • HIPAA Administration
  • Government Compliance Reporting and Agency Interface
  • State Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws
  • State Mandated Paid Time Off

Payroll & Tax Administration (ASO)

C2 Platinum offers payroll and tax administration as part of its complete set of human resources and administrative solutions. The burden of administering payroll is often one of the first tasks a company seeks to outsource and one of the most valued services included in our end-to-end suite of services. C2 provides clients with state-of-the-art technology to enhance productivity and reduce errors, including our online payroll system that is backed by a dedicated payroll team for personalized support.

Our comprehensive services include:
  • Payroll Administration

    • C2 Connection
    • Payroll Contact Training
    • HR Portal-Instant Online Infrastructure Timekeeping System
    • Garnishments
    • Check Preparation and Delivery
    • Labor Distribution Reports; Job Costing and Departmental Reporting
    • File Changes, e.g. Name, Address, W-4 Status
    • State New Hire Reporting (PRWORA)
    • Employment Verification
    • Direct deposit
    • Paystubs via Online
    • Preparing and Issuing all W-2’s
    • Human Resources Management Reports
  • Tax Administration

    • Calculation of Tax Liability
    • Payment of FICA, FUTA, SUTA, and any other Employment Taxes
    • Reporting and Remitting all Payroll Taxes
    • Filing of 941s, 940s, State, and Local Tax Forms
    • IRS Liaison and Negotiations
    • Assumption of Legal Liability for Tax Reporting/Payment
    • Filing of 5500s
    • HealthCare Reform Reporting

Recruiting & Selection Services (ASO)

C2 Platinum offers a full complement of online and in-person recruiting services. C2’s recruiting services are more powerful and cost effective than a job board posting or a placement agency, which enables you to significantly cut the time and cost of most recruiting activities.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:
  • Candidate Search
  • Resume Review
  • Candidate Screening
  • Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Salary Planning and Administration
  • Job Advertising
  • Pre-employment Testing
  • Offer Letter Review
  • OFCCP Compliance
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Interviewing
  • Phone Screening
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Scheduling First Rounds
  • Scheduling Management
  • References

Training & Development (ASO)

C2 Platinum delivers a wide array of online and instructor-led classes that sharpen employees’ skills for tomorrow’s challenges. Employers who recognize the value of professional development, skills and competency training are rewarded with a more motivated and productive workforce. Skilled and motivated employees provide companies a competitive edge that is long lasting and difficult to imitate—strength never more valuable or necessary than in today’s economy. Companies that outsource HR and learning functions are far more likely to assess their workforces as highly effective, and twice as likely to be satisfied with the overall performance of their HR functions.

Our comprehensive services include:
  • Management Development
  • Employee Development
  • Customer Relations
  • Leadership Development

C2 fully understands the value of training and education. Sharing our expertise with business owners, directors, managers and team leaders is so very important. C2 brings its experts to your business, and shares invaluable information using seminars and training sessions.
By educating your workforce in critical areas such as diversity, sexual harassment, and emerging issues relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act, you strengthen the foundation of your company’s operational integrity.

Workers Compensation & Safety (ASO)

Workplace injuries are an inevitable reality of any business – no matter how well prepared you are, how much training you provide or however many precautions you may take. Insurance is not enough. C2 Platinum can help ensure that you will be fully prepared and ready whenever injuries occur. We provide a full menu of Worker’s Compensation programs designed to help your employees recover and get back on the job as quickly as possible, with minimum cost and inconvenience to your business and its staff. C2 ensures you remain in full compliance with all governmental regulations and reporting requirements, while minimizing your exposure to liability.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:
  • Investigations
  • Administration/Claims Service
  • Assistance with handling of claims and answering questions
  • Premium Reporting and Payment
  • Annual/Semi-Annual Audits Assistance
  • Provision of General Safety Policies and Manual
  • Safety Consultation
  • Safety Assessment
  • Safety Policy Development
  • Drug Testing (Additional Cost)
  • Safety Incentive Plans (Design, Implementation, Administration, OSHA Audit)

The PEO and/or ASO services listed on our website are examples of the types of services that C2 offers.  C2 may change its service offerings from time to time and the website may not always reflect the current slate of services.  C2 makes no guarantees regarding the availability of any services listed on its website and readers should not interpret the website as an offer to contract for any specific service.