Minimum Wage (Pexel)

Maryland – Montgomery County Raises Minimum Wage

In addition to recent state and federal minimum wage increases, Montgomery County has announced increases in the County minimum wage rates for employees. The new rates will depend on whether the company meets the County’s classification for small (10 employees or less), mid-size (11-50 employees) or large (more than 51 employees). Companies that have a specific tax-exempt status or provide home health care services are considered mid-size regardless of the employee count.

Mid-size companies will need to increase rates to $15.50 per hour and large companies will need to increase rates to $17.15 per hour, both effective July 1st, 2024. Small companies will remain at the $15.00 per hour rate established January 1, 2024.

Employers will need to pay the highest rate, whether that be federal, state or county level. It is important to note that employees who earn tips may have different requirements.