New Colorado Posting Requirements

The state of Colorado has released two posters for immediate posting by employers in their Colorado workplaces. The posting requirements are as follows:

Colorado Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Notice. This Act provides information about fairness to pregnant employees and identifies reasonable accommodations for expecting mothers.

A notice must be provided to existing employees within 120 days of August 10, 2016; and to all new employees at the start of employment.  Additionally, the poster must be posted in a conspicuous area of the workplace.

To learn more about the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and its requirements, click on this link (available in English and Spanish)

Colorado Anti-Discrimination Poster. This updated poster provides discrimination details based on illegal factors in the areas of Employment, Housing, and Public Accommodation.

To learn more about the Anti-Discrimination and Regulation Laws and the poster, click on this link (available in English and Spanish)