New York: Legal Notice to Employees Regarding Unemployment Insurance Rights

Effective November 11, 2023, a new regulatory mandate regarding Unemployment Insurance (UI) will be implemented in the state of NY. This regulation requires all employers (with employees eligible for UI), to inform their employees about their rights to file for UI benefits under specified conditions.

This law mandates written notification, using a specific Department of Labor (DOL) form, under the following circumstances:

  • When an employee’s job ends, be it permanently or for an uncertain period
  • If there’s a decrease in the number of hours an employee works
  • In cases of a temporary halt in work, or
  • Any disruption in the employee’s work status.

This notice must contain:

  • The employer’s official name and registration number,
  • The address for employees to send inquiries about wages and job details, and
  • Additional details as required by the labor commissioner.