Minimum Wage Rate Changes by State

The federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 has remained unchanged since 2009. Effective January 1, 2020, twenty-one (21) states have adopted a higher minimum wage than the federal rate.

To help ensure that the minimum wage keeps pace with the rising cost of living, many states and municipalities adjust (or will adjust) their minimum wage rates annually. Other jurisdictions adjust their minimum wage rates periodically through legislation or ballot initiatives.

The chart below reflects the new minimum wage rates for those states whose minimum wage is higher than the federal rate:


State Minimum Wage Rate
Alaska $10.19
Arizona $12.00
Arkansas $10.00
California $13.00
Colorado $12.00
 Florida $8.56
 Illinois $9.25
 Maine $12.00
 Maryland $11.00
 Massachusetts $12.75
Michigan $9.65
Minnesota (Small Employer) $8.15
 Minnesota (Large Employer) $9.45
Missouri $9.45
Montana $8.65
New Jersey $11.00
New Mexico $9.00
New York $12.50
 Ohio $8.70
 South Dakota $9.30
Vermont $10.96
Washington (state) $13.50